Planar Headphones for Audiophiles

Using rectangular drivers, quality materials and the THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA™), the HELM Studio Planar headphones deliver perfect sound.

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Amplify Your Life With The HELM Studio Planar

HELM Audio Studio Planar Headphones deliver a game changing audio experience using proprietary drivers and the first ever Boost/Amp cable powered by THX AAA™.

Studio Quality Sound, Perfected

The HELM Studio Planar features an open back design to the revolutionary rectangular 66mm drivers allowing for a larger, fuller sound stage. Silver coiling runs in the diaphragms for improved conductivity with the neodymium drivers to help deliver pristine audio.

Comfort Focused Craftsmanship

Every detail in the HELM Studio Planar focuses on delivering a luxurious listening experience. Custom designed Plush memory foam headband and magnetic swappable ear cushions combined with pivoting arms offer a superior ergonomic fit for hours of listening.

Class A Amp Performance

The HELM Boost Cable, created in collaboration with THX, raises the bar with bass boost and amplification when added to Planar Magnetic Headphones. The in-Line Amplifier is powered by THX's Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA™). The lowest distortion amplifier on the market.

HELM Studio Planar Puts You Right In The Studio.

Through cutting edge craftsmanship we deliver transcendent clarity, connectivity and comfort with an ultra-realistic sound stage.

Planar Audio Explained

Planar magnetic drivers deliver a precise sound better than conventional speakers

Planar magnetic speaker technology outperforms traditional speakers. By suspending a diaphgram with a printed circuit in between two magnet arrays and energizing the circuit through an audio signal, you get an electromagnetic force that moves the diaphragm creating sound.

Our exclusive rectangular drivers not only allow us to make a 66mm large diaphragm but flex more evenly, minimizing distortion and delays resonance to increase acoustic accuracy.

High End Studio Audio Experience On Mobile.

The HELM boost cable is the world’s first portable in-line amp cable.

The HELM Boost Cable brings portability to traditional amplifiers normally used to power high-end audiophile headphones like the HELM Studio Planar. Using THX’s AAA™ lowest distortion amplifier we are turning headphones in to a self-powered high-end portable solution compatible with your mobile devices and your favorite headphones.

The HELM Boost Cable is an all-in-one in-line amp cable solution delivering maximum volume (up to 12db gain), improved sound quality (true linear amplification) and serious bass enhancement (separately controlled up to 6db).

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HELM Studio Planar Tech Specs

Loaded with features to deliver premium sound for audiophiles, professionals, and musical artists.

66mm Rectangular Driver

Flexes and bends more than circular drivers and spans across your whole ear to deliver a great listening experience.

Conductive Silver Coiling

Improves performance with neodymium magnets for immaculate highs, precise mids, and powerful bass.

Rotating Ovular Cups

Easy flat storage, fully adjustable for different sizes and a perfect fit.

Frequency Response 10-50khz

We ensured a great range to get you the studio quality sound you come to expect from planar magnetic headphones.

Padded Ear Cups

Comfortably shaped and magnetically swapable for an extended lifetime. Velour upgrade available.

HELM Boost Cable

Features THX AAA™ technology, for a low distortion boost to your listening no matter what device you use

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DJ Enuff rocking out on his Helm Studio Planars

Drivers Matter

66mm Proprietary Rectangular Diaphragms Featuring silver coiling for pure sound
Using Helm Studio Planars to listen to audio.

Lightweight Design for Comfort

Wear for hours, featuring . an alloy aluminum body, and freeform moving chassis
Using the THX Boost cable to amplify audio

HELM Boost Cable Included

Using THX AAA™ technology, listen with better performance no matter the device
Open Back Design featured on HELM Studio Planar

An Open Back Design

Providing more room for air and flex for the signature rectangular drivers