Beyond the Cloud: Storage, Charging & Streaming

GOSPACE is a wireless external drive with Qi charging and 5G streaming capabilities.

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GOSPACE - Expandable 5G Wireless Storage and Streaming Santa Monica, CA GOSPACE is a wireless external drive with Qi charging and 5G streaming capabilities.
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Free up space on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Forget the Wires

GOSPACE creates its own wireless network to transfer files and stream content to 8 devices, so you can share between your own devices or with your friends.

Unlimited Storage

Connect GOSPACE to Google Drive or Dropbox to access cloud storage or use SD cards to expand memory locally. With GOSPACE, your storage is unlimited!

5,000 mAh Battery

Charge your mobile device on the go using Qi Wireless, USB-C or standard USB. GOSPACE packs power to charge your smartphone up to 2.5 times.

5G WiFi Connection

Save and send files between your device and GOSPACE through ultra-fast 5G WiFi. Start streaming up to 3 times faster than non 5G devices.


Stream Libraries of Content Offline.

Use GOSPACE to store your video and music libraries so you can stream them on your next flight.

Backup Your Data on the Go

Accidents happen. Ensure that your memories are backed up with GOSPACE's lightning fast memory backup for your smartphone or tablet. GOSPACE can backup from anywhere and makes it easy to restore your data if your storage is full or your device is lost.

Private & Secure

Unlike other cloud services, GOSPACE stores your data directly, so only you have access. Keep instant access to your files, photos, and music and maintain your privacy. Plus, with GOSPACE there are no monthly storage fees and no limit to the data you can backup.

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Share with Friends

Transfer files securely and safely without cellular connection.

Sync with your Cloud

Save and access files to Google Drive, Dropbox, or other cloud service.

Back up your Photos

Save and store your photos and videos without a computer or a monthly fee.

FIle Manager

Manage and edit your digital library on your mobile device or laptop.

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Save 40% on GOSPACE

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