The Ultra Secure Travel Safe

FlexSafe uses slash resistant material and a strong nickel alloy combination lock for safety and convenience wherever you go.

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FlexSafe: The Ultra Secure Travel Safe Los Angeles, California FlexSafe is back with all new colors, slash resistant nylon & a strong combination lock for safety.
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Cut Resistant Nylon

Blades, scissors, you name it - you've never seen a material this tough. The built-in RFID blocking layer also protects your credit card information from being stolen.

Strong Combination Lock

Made out of salt & corrosion resistant nickel alloy, our strong re-programmable lock now has smoother dial engagement and a simplified combination setting procedure.

Limited Edition Colors

With our all new exclusive colors, you'll never be bored. Chose from Navy Blue, Lavender, Aqua Blue or Digi Camo, so you can be stylish & safe no matter where you are.

Now Live ➜ FlexSafe

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The Perfect Travel Companion

Wallet, Sunglasses, Passport, FlexSafe, Check!

Lock FlexSafe to Anything

Attach FlexSafe effortlessly to any fixed object.

Protect your Valuables

Peace of mind is priceless, especially when you're traveling.

Durable for any Condition

Water resistant and tough enough to withstand your adventures.

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