Dual Camera
Drive Monitoring System

The DriveSafe Dual Camera System warns the driver of fatigue, distraction, lane departure, and forward collision to keep you and other drivers safe.

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Impaired driver warnings for fatigue

Impaired Driver Warning

The DriveSafe System can detect drowsiness, fatigue and distracted drivers by using facial recognition software.

Lane Departure Warnings

Lane Departure Warning

Receive a warning from the DriveSafe Dash Cam when you veer into other lanes to keep you safe on the streets.

Forward Collision Warning

Forward Collision Warning

The DriveSafe Dash Cam will belt out an alert you if you are about to collide with a vehicle or object in front of you.

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Quick Wifi Transfer

Quick WiFi Transfer

Transfer footage wirelessly to your phone using the DriveSafe's WiFi Connection.
Extremely compact camera for all cars

Extremely Compact

DriveSafe will fit into any car because of its small size and adaptability.
easy car installation

Easy Install

No tools are necessary to install the DriveSafe System in your car.
SD Card footage storage

Review Footage

See what happened to your car by inserting the SD card into your computer

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