App Connected Electric Toothbrush & Game for Kids

Deeno-saur Toothbrush & App rewards kids with in-game credits for effective brushing and overall dental hygiene.

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Make Brushing Fun Through Gamification

Encourage kids to achieve their daily brushing goals for digital coins to care for and play with their virtual pet Deeno the Dinosaur.

Earn Deeno Coins

Achieve your daily brushing goals and be rewarded with Deeno Coins.

Care For Deeno

Use coins to clean Deeno in the bathroom, feed him in the kitchen or dress him in the bedroom.

Play With Deeno

All day fun with Deeno Basketball, Deeno Lumberjack & Deeno Rocketman.

A Helping Hand For Your Child's Daily Routine

Parents can have peace of mind knowing that Deeno will make getting ready for the day or bedtime more enjoyable for the little ones.

Monitor Your Children's Brushing Habits.

Educational and Effective for Parents & Children

The app syncs with your child's sonic toothbrush while the analytical software tracks brushing behavior of individual child profiles or overall leaderboard. Kids can see how well they brush, and earn exciting rewards for a job well done.

Interactive App Content

Say Hello Your Child's New Best Friend Deeno

Deeno app content is educational and effective by encouraging proper brushing techniques to unlock fun games such as Deeno Rocketman, Lumberjack, basketball and more.

Education Through Mobile App Integration

Making Oral Care Engaging and Fun

From the very first moment they unbox the Deeno brush to connecting the brush to the App via Bluetooth, they will fall in love with their virtual pet Deeno, as Deeno teaches them proper practices of Dental Health.

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Deeno Brush Specs

Designed With Your Child's Future In Mind.

Sonic Brushing

High performance 20,000 brushing strokes per minute.

2 Minute Timer & Quadpacer

To ensure discipline in brushing with 30 seconds in each area of the mouth for dentist recommended 2 mins.

3 Cleaning Modes

Normal, Soft and massage modes to suit all preferences.

Long Lasting Lithium Battery

Lasting more than 3 weeks of usage time.

Extra Soft Bristles

To ensure a gentle clean for kids and sensitive brushing on teeth and gums.

USB Charging

To be used anywhere and can be used with any USB plug.

Dentist Recommended

For teaching proper oral care habits.

Enabling Healthy Habits

For maintaining a healthy smile.

Family Fun Experiences

With games that keep kids engaged.

Parent Approved

For more efficient morning routines.

COMING SOON ➜ Deeno Brush

Save 60% off Deeno-saur Toothbrush

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