Portable Air & Sound Purification.

Cleanse your personal space with Clair B2's magnetic air purifier & Bluetooth speaker with white noise and soothing sounds generator.

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Clair B2 | The Personal Air Purifier with Soothing Sounds Los Angeles, CA The personal air purifier with 180-degree air vent magnetic air filtration, deodorized filter and mobile app integration.
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1 - Plasma Ionization

Creates a static electricity charge around incoming ultrafine particles, similar to the static reaction experienced of rubbing a balloon on your hair.

2 - Electret e2F Filtration

Patented e2F filter captures ultra-fine (>0.1μm) plasma ionized particles with a filter 12x larger than standard mini-HEPA filters to remove contaminants.

3 - Deodorized Filtration

The built-in deodorization filter and fan eliminates unwanted odors while by passing through a gently scented filter to freshen the air in your personal space.

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