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Portable 3-Stage Air Purifier & Bluetooth Speaker

Clair B2 is a personal purifier with 180-degree air vent, magnetic air filtration, deodorization filter, Bluetooth speaker, and mobile app integration.

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A Smarter Way To Breathe This Allergy Season

Free yourself from particles that irritate allergies, asthma, and other respiratory conditions.

3 Stage Magnetic Air Filtration

Clair B2 is the only portable air purifier to use a patented filter to capture particles smaller than 0.1μm.

Stage 1:
Plasma Ionization

Clair B2's Plasma Ionization stage creates a static electricity charge around incoming ultrafine particles. This process is the equivalent to static reaction experienced when rubbing a balloon on your hair.

Stage 2:
Electret e2F Filtration

Clair B2's patented e2F filter captures charged particles from stage 1 that are smaller than 0.1μm. With a filter area 12x larger than a standard mini-HEPA filter you can filter allergens, pollen, mold, cigarette smoke, exhaust and more.

Stage 3:
Deodorized Filtration

If you are sensitive to bad odors, Clair B2 uses a built-in deodorization filter to eliminate unwanted orders within your personal bubble of space. The built-in fan quickly passes odors through a gently scented filter so you go on with your day.

A Breath of Fresh Air

Clair B2's 180° swivel air vent allows you to filter the air you breathe regardless of where you encounter allergens, mold, cigarette smoke, or vehicle exhaust.

Portable Power

Whether you are on the move in the city or at home relaxing, Clair B2 is designed with a built in rechargeable battery that can be directly powered or charged using a USB cord to connect to its 5-pin USB port for a consistent flow of air filtration.

LED Display

Clair B2 features a vivid LED display as an indicator of proper airflow and power to your device to let you know it is working. This will allow you to see and be certain Clair B2 is working even in darker settings.

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180° Swivel Air Vent

Enjoy the flexibility of a swivel air vent, allowing you to adjust the filtration needs based on the environments you're in.


If you experience nasal sensitivity, do away with unpleasant odors with Clair B2's integrated deodorizer.

Relaxation Mode

Relaxation mode has 34 soothing ambient sounds with the option of playing your favorite music playlist.

Voice Memo

Whether you are a professional or planner, use the Clair B2 app to record important voice notes while on the go.

Triple-Stage Air Filtration

Magnetic technology harnesses the power of static electricity to trap particles and filter unpleasant odors.


Avoid oversleeping and improve rest with Clair B2's alarm function and stay on track with your daily routine.

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