Best Apartment Security Door Peephole Camera

Peephole Camera for Home Security.

Brinno Duo is a discreet front door security camera for home or apartment with app alerts, motion sensors, and LED peephole display.

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Standalone Security Camera for Home or Apartment

Brinno Duo's discreet wireless peephole camera is standalone and easily installed or removed, making perfect for home or apartment security.

Discreet Home Security in Plain Sight

Brinno Duo is concealed in standard door peepholes, providing an invisible level of security with no wires in something all homes or apartments have.

Easy Apartment Install and Removal

In just a few seconds, easily install or remove Brinno Duo from any standard door peephole in your home or apartment with no alterations or electrical work.

LED Door Display with Smartphone Alerts

Brinno Duo provides iOS/Android smartphone security alerts when its camera detects motion while away and easy LED screen display for activity while at home.

Dual Security for Double Safety at Home or Away

Brinno DUO offers a high degree of safety, and makes it one of the most practical home security devices on the market.

Dual Screen Camera Stream & Live Motion Alerts

A built-in LCD screen on the indoor device helps small kids & seniors clearly see visitors before opening the door. The DUO also sends a buzz alert & emails photos of visitors’ to your mobile phone.

Brinno DUO acts intelligently attentive for you and your family regardless where you are.

Dual Camera Memory & Storage Redundancy

Brinno DUO creates 2 sets of visitor log files:

1) On the SD card in the device at home;

2) In the designated email box of your choice.

No file is stored in Brinno’s cloud server. Visitor data is completely safe in your hands & at your disposal so you protect privacy.

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Brinno DUO Tech Specs

Brinno DUO provides peace and tranquility with minimum effort.

Quick Installation

Mount to peephole in seconds using no fancy tools & no wiring. You keep your front door design intact & not altered.

No Hidden Add-on Cost

No extra multilayer costs on various data plans, accessory purchases or pro installation.

Motion Detector

Both motion and knocking sensors to double ensure auto-detection of every activity at your doorstep.

Dual Visitor Logs

Simultaneously store visitor images to home device & alert emails. The DUO double insures 2 sets of image files well kept at your fingertips.

Battery Operated

Easy battery swap solution. No tools required. Battery life lasts for months.

Auto-Recorded Images

Auto-record images triggered and keep personal digital visitor log handy for future review.

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Do It Yourself Installation

Secure your home without added complications.

Built To Last

Discreet and designed for long term use and safety of your loved ones.

Immediate Notifications

Look forward to the unexpected while keeping your home protected.

Sense of Security

Wide range of motion detection for peace of mind on those important deliveries.

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