Bcon - The PC Gamer's Wearable Controller

With directional foot movements, the Bcon acts as your third arm where skills and skill combos are key.

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Bcon Gaming Wearable

The Game Changing Controller for Real Gamers

With proprietary software, Bcon provides an additional input channel, so you can perform entire skill combos with a turn of your foot.

Trigger key gaming sequences with Bcon

Advanced Skill

Trigger key sequences within your favorite games with a single turn of your foot. No need to be concerned about macros; Bcon comes with user-defined thresholds that require active player movement.

Haptic vibration feedback

Haptic Vibration Feedback

Equipped with a vibration motor, Bcon provides haptic feedback at up to 11,000 revolutions per minute, so there is no need to look down for light or sound indicators to ensure that your movement was triggered.

Bcon proprietary configuration software

Proprietary Configuration Software

The Bcon is designed for highly complex key bindings that allow a 108 (U.S.) keyboard to be assigned to up to 24 additional hotkeys or 4 key sequences of up to 6 keys each, so you can exponentially boost your game.

Easy Profile Exchange

Conveniently save unlimited game or character profiles and switch them on-the-fly. The small sized configuration files allow for an easy exchange with your team mates.

The Full Spectrum of Your Keyboard in One Movement

Bcon acts as your third arm in a gaming environment where skills and skill combos are key. Plug it and play all popular PC games with the edge that pushes you from good to diamond – but if you suck, you´ll still suck.

Reduce mechanical fails in ranked matches, keep laser-like focus in first-person shooter games, and free up a hand without a loss of performance. 

Motion tracking and sensory system

Dynamic Sensor System and Motion Tracking

Dual sensor systems, accelerometer, and gyroscope constantly interact within fractions of milliseconds to dynamically achieve optimal results in different situations.

Powered by a 3-axes Accelerometer and a 3-axis Gyroscope to measure spatial orientation in real time – at a velocity of 1,000 measurements per second. The device recognizes a change of up to 2,000 degrees per second making the Bcon precise enough to keep up even with the quickest gamers.

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Bcon Tech Specs

The Bcon's compact size houses a high degree of technology that makes it the first ever wearable for core gamers.

Motion Tracking

TheBcon features 4 effortless moves: Lift heel or toes (Pitch) or tilt left or right (Roll) for hundreds of new possibilities.

Smart Angular Tracking

The Bcon compensates for non-mono-directional movement patterns by ignoring small values on the alternative axes.

LED Lighting

Full-spectrum color coding indicates the Bcon's current status: unconnected, pairing reset, paired, transferring data, pause mode, low battery, etc.

  • PC Gaming Wearable
  • smart angular tracking for pc gaming
  • Bcon LED Lighting
  • Protection zone and zero point calibration
Protection Zone

A customizable no-reaction zone on the lateral and longitudinal axis caters for unintentional movements.

Pause Mode

Assign a pause key to prevent unwanted keystrokes to be sent to your PC without the need to remove your device.

Zero Point Calibration

Easily reposition your foot during gameplay and the Bcon will interpret movements according to its new spatial orientation.

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Bcon easy to use gaming wearable

Comfortable Fit

Use Bcon in tandem with your keyboard and mouse

Easy Integration

Bcon PC Gaming Foot Controller

Compact Size

Bcon PC Gaming

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