Modularly Designed For Any Occasion.

7-In-1 Backpack's interchangeable modules feature powerbank, toiletries, weight reduction, anti-theft, waterproofing & more to fit your day.

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A Multi-Use Smart Backpack

7-in-1 is a smart backpack that easily converts for hiking, cycling, shopping, traveling, commuting, working out, and/or running errands.

7-In-1: The Smart & Modular Backpack

Interchangeable modules on the 7-In-1 Backpack use weight reduction, anti-theft, & on-the-go charging.

7-in-1 is a convertible backpack with an interchangeable, modular bag component swap, switch, merge, and combine base bags and cover bags into one backpack to customize to any occasion.

Fast Zip with YKK zippers can easily combine the base and cover bags into one backpack. The add-on cover bags are also detachable, meaning you can take the base and zip different covers on it or remove the covers and use them individually as well.

Fast Zip Modular Backpack

Every modular bag cover can be zipped onto the main bag or carried on its own for lighter days.

Elastic Backpack Suspension

Minimize pull against your back and shoulders with multi-point shoulder contact to distribute weight.

On-The-Go Power Supply

External Type-A USB port located on the backpack side offers a convenient way to recharge your devices.

Solar Panel Power Bank

7-in-1’s solar power bank has a 15000mAh battery and is waterproof (IP65) for improved charging.

Anti-Theft Compartments

Easily store credit cards, banknotes, business cards, receipts and your passport in wallet-like pocket.

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7-In-1 Backpack: The Smart Backpack & Everyday Travel Bag Los Angeles, CA 7-In-1 Backpack's interchangeable modules & smart features use weight reduction, anti-theft, & on-the-go charging to fit any occasion.
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7-In-1 Backpack Now Live on Kickstarter

Create the bag right for you

Mix and match modules with bag shells to create the bag right for your day.
7 in 1 Backpack on Kickstarter

Easily Organize Everything

The 7-In-1 is loaded with features for easy organization based on your day.
7in1 Weekender Travel Backpack

Travel with ease with 7 in 1

Compression travel, cosmetics, and toiletry modules make traveling a breeze..
Multi-Purpose Backpack Kickstarter

All-in-one: work to adventure

Easily transform the same bag from a commuter bag to a weather-proof hiking bag.

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7-In-1 Backpack Executive Team:

  • Kelly Yeung - Founder of I-Future Backpack
  • Cherry Wong - Chief Designer at I-Future Backpack
  • Carol Lim - Senior Designer at I-Future Backpack
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Ida Hui

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[email protected]

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Rm 1100, Block 8, Kwai Shing West Estate, Kwai Chung, N.T. Hong Kong, China

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852-34888352 (Carol)