Modularly Designed For Any Occasion.

7-In-1 Backpack's interchangeable modules feature powerbank, toiletries, weight reduction, anti-theft, waterproofing & more to fit your day.

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7-In-1 Backpack: The Smart Backpack & Everyday Travel Bag Los Angeles, CA 7-In-1 Backpack's interchangeable modules & smart features use weight reduction, anti-theft, & on-the-go charging to fit any occasion.
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The Commuter Bag

Create the perfect on-the-go bag by customizing modules/shell with USB charger, powerbank, anti-theft, laptop pocket, hidden pockets, water bottle, and more.

The Weekender Bag

Quickly convert from work to travel by swapping shells, integrating modules that include cosmetic bag, toiletry bag, clothing compression bag, TSA check slide, etc.

The Outdoorsman Bag

Transition from travel to hiking by switching to the lightweight, durable, and waterproof shell then swap for the solar panel, weight reduction straps, and tough lining modules.

7-In-1 Backpack Now Live on Kickstarter

Create the bag right for you

Mix and match modules with bag shells to create the bag right for your day.
7 in 1 Backpack on Kickstarter

Easily Organize Everything

The 7-In-1 is loaded with features for easy organization based on your day.
7in1 Weekender Travel Backpack

Travel with ease with 7 in 1

Compression travel, cosmetics, and toiletry modules make traveling a breeze..
Multi-Purpose Backpack Kickstarter

All-in-one: work to adventure

Easily transform the same bag from a commuter bag to a weather-proof hiking bag.

NOW LIVE ➜ 7-In-1 Backpack

Get 50% off 7-In-1 on Kickstarter

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