The Only Self-Tracking Camera Mount

PIVOT is your personal cameraman – attach your camera, wear the tracker, and get the shot every time
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Introducing PIVOT

The Follow-Me Camera System

With PIVOT you can set it, forget it, and capture all of life's best moments

Accurate Tracking

Put on the PIVOT Wearable, and the mount will accurately and smoothly track your motions from up to 600 feet away.

Use Your Camera

The PIVOT pan & tilt mount is compatible with most cameras, including Go-Pro, WiFi Camcorders, and most smartphones.

Record & Share

With the press of a button on the PIVOT app, share highlights, stream video live, and save your longer recordings to the cloud.

A better solution for personal video

Traditional personal video cameras leave you locked into first person, never able to experience the moment. With PIVOT, you'll never miss the action again.

The PIVOT System


The PIVOT App provides an intuitive control system for your pan & tilt mount. Connect your camera to stream video in real time to your smartphone, capture highlight clips of recent footage, and share them on social media. You can stream on Facebook Live, save your videos to the cloud, and even wirelessly control the PIVOT Mount in manual mode.

The PIVOT System

Pan&Tilt Mount and Wearable

The Pivot Pan & Tilt Mount is about the size of a 'grande' coffee, and weighs around 3 pounds. It uses a 2.4GHz wireless frequency, meaning it will function worldwide. Brushed motors let it swivel, pan, and tilt quietly and smoothly. It tracks a small wearable you can attach with a clothing clip or an armband. Both are splash and dust resistant, and have battery lives of 4 and 8 hours, respectively.

At the Skatepark

Nail that trick you've been struggling with? Now you've got the video to prove it!

Your Child's Firsts

Capture your child's first steps, or their first bike ride, without missing the moment.

Training your Pets

Engage with your pets and teach them, while capturing their moves to watch later.

Practice Reels

PIVOT is perfect for sports training, letting you analyze your performance later.

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