Personal Mifi for Connection Anywhere

Nommi is an LTE hotspot with virtual sim technology & dual wifi for seamless global internet access.

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A Smarter Way to Stay Connected

Nommi keeps your data safe and your costs low while giving you access to millions of networks.

Worldwide Reach

Nommi's virtual SIM solution removes the need to buy a local SIM in every country you visit or use expensive data roaming. You will be online in 100+ countries with 500MB fast LTE data for just $5 per day. Even better, opt for the $35 global data plan: 5GB of data in 100+ countries, plus unlimited connection to millions of wifi networks all over the world.

Dual Wi-Fi

This unique feature saves your cellular data by seamlessly connecting your device to public wifi networks. With a curated global database of public hotspots, Nommi will test nearby known wifi networks while still keeping you on a 4G connection. When connection quality is confirmed, it will automatically switch you to wifi and save your data.

Wireless Charging

Nommi's Power version allows you to charge your phone using its Qi charger by simply placing your device directly onto the charging pad. No more wall chargers, adaptors or USB ports when you're on the go. It's compatible with all Qi-certified devices so "shoot, my phone battery is dying" syndrome is replaced with a full charge and more online time.

Technology for the Digital Nomad

No need to hassle with SIM cards, carry old-fashioned personal hotspot devices or remember to bring your powerbank. Nommi is the world's first hybrid device that provides a new kind of connectivity experience in one sleek and portable design.

Manage Your Data

With the Nommi app, you can easily access and manage your device from your smartphone.

  • -Establish data and speed limits
  • -Control connections
  • -Buy data packages
  • -Monitor the device’s battery and traffic used.
If a network is not already in our crowdsourced database, you can add its password via the app and, if you’d like to, also share it with other Nommi users. If Nommi ever goes missing, the app will send you an alert with details about where it was last connected and which wifi networks are nearby so you can easily locate it.

Save Money Traveling

There is no such thing as "unlimited mobile data" with tethering these days. Most mobile operators charge $50 to $100 monthly for data plans that include about 20GB of mobile hotspot data.

At just $35 per month, Nommi's dual wifi feature let's you live comfortably with 5GB of monthly mobile data, strategically switching you over when a hotspot is available. That's data in 100+ countries, and access to millions of wifi networks all over the world. Don't miss out on strong connection speed, let Nommi be the judge and save you money.

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Built-in VPN

Nommi will automatically encrypt all your data through secure servers when you connect to public networks.

Faster Internet Speed

With the latest 4G LTE networks, Nommi can reach up to 150Mbps download speeds for fast internet on-the-go.

Local SIM Slot

Already have a local data plan? Simply insert it into micro SIM slot on the side like you would on an iPhone.

Separate Guest Wifi

Nommi's secondary wifi is made for your friends. Share your network without spelling a complex password.

Wifi Range Extender

If you have weak signal in your room, use Nommi as an extender and double your range to browse anywhere.

Strong Battery Life

Nommi's Power version has a 10000mAh battery for over 48 hours of 4G/Wifi sharing and phone charging.

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