Nanotechnology enhanced for high speed charging.

NitroQ charges 10x faster than other power banks, requiring only 7 mins to store a smartphone charge
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The Socket in Your Pocket

Custom designed electronics and nanotechnology enhanced battery allow for high speed charging


NitroQ charges itself in 7 minutes to hold a full smartphone charge, so you can be ready in record time! Store two full charges in just 15 minutes.


Small and lightweight, NitroQ is about the size of your smartphone. You can easily slip it in your pocket alongside your phone for quick charging on the go.


With numerous safeguards, NitroQ is safe for use with all smartphones. The electronics protects against over voltage, under voltage and short circuiting.

Your time is valuable; start saving it now!

As our smartphones get smarter and more powerful, they've become more and more essential in our daily lives. NitroQ ensures you'll never be caught with a dead battery, so you can always find your route, stay connected, and capture your important moments.

Keeping Up With Your Lifestyle

This power bank is completely unique not only for its smart charging capabilities, but the quick charge of the device itself. NitroQ lets you live spontaneously and still have your smartphone with you.

Attention to Detail

Our dedicated team has thoroughly researched the market to find the highest power density adapters. The adapter is incredibly small compared to others on the market (4-5 times smaller volumetrically!)


NitroQ is crafted from high grade aluminum to endure the bumps of your backpack, purse, pocket or briefcase.

Long Life

The unique battery chemistry of this power bank offers more than 1500 cycles or about 10 years of normal use.

Flow Through

The distinct input and output modules mean that you can charge NitroQ and your smartphone simultaneously.

Efficient Discharge

With 95% power bank to smartphone discharge efficiency, less of the stored charge is wasted on inefficient electronics.

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