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An online multi-player gaming experience to create and expand your galactic civilizations.

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A New Gaming Experience

Cooperate, compete & interact with friends and others on a galactic scale to shape the universe.

An Immersive Virtual Reality Experience

Walk on Mars to explore its terrain firsthand or dive and swim through the hidden icy oceans of Europa to successfully complete immersive virtual reality gaming challenges, journeys and missions.

Dr. Tyson Guides You Through The Cosmos

Meet at the Mission Control Spaceport and set off on missions by piloting your spacecraft through your friends galaxies, colonizing and growing your own galaxy, all with some guidance from Neil, your trusted Space Adviser.

Compete To Explore & Colonize Space

Grow galaxies, develop planets, colonize worlds, nurture species, harvest, mine, explore and discover unique life-forms, and civilizations. You're part of a community that'll shape the future of this gaming Universe.



Be part of Dr. Tyson’s journey to create Space Odyssey, an intense gaming experience of galactic exploration and colonization. With it’s foundation based in scientifically accurate game-play, you’ll create your own celestial civilizations to compete with others in an intense game of strategy.

Play Online or Offline & on Mobile or Desktop


Single Player or Online Multi-Player


Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android & VR

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