All-In-One Home Automation Assistant

Momo is the ultimate illuminating smart home super hub with AI learning and standalone security.
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For a smarter home

Momo isn't just a hub - it's a smart home robot, that uses AI learning to improve your life

Standalone Security

Momo uses smart facial recognition to learn who is safe and who is an intruder, and combines a live streaming 360° camera with temperature and humidity, light, gas and particulate, and motion sensors for a complete home security system.

Super Hub Technology

Momo uses a complete array of connectivity systems to automatically detect and sync with all smart home devices. Interact with Momo using your voice, the Momo Home app, or your favorite chat apps, or let Momo automatically adapt to your habits.

Artificial Intelligence

Momo uses AI to learn the habits of you and your family. Momo will learn and adopt your behaviors; at night, Momo may notice that you like to turn the heat down, lower the lights, and turn off the TV, and will suggest automating these steps.

Momo Simplifies Your Life

Momo's security, intelligent smart home automation, and wide array of control options saves you time managing your devices, keeps your family safe, optimizes energy consumption and reduces waste.

Control Momo Your Way

Momo is a functional part of the modern home. Control Momo's light with gestures, use your voice to interact with Momo, chat with it on the Momo Home app or your favorite messaging apps, or simply let Momo effortlessly engineer the perfect home environment, automatically - the choice is yours.

Learn and Adopt Intelligence

Momo uses machine learning techniques to recognize its core users and their habits around the home. It uses this information to suggest automated adjustments to the home environment, such as arming security, changing the thermostat, setting lighting levels, playing music, and more. The user can choose to adopt these behaviors or not, and can deactivate them at any time - Momo will even adapt to its user's changing habits.

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Wifi, Bluetooth, NFC, ZigBee – Zwave, USB port/charger


RBGW spot light LEDs, 360° night vision camera, circular microphone array, speaker, gyroscope and accelerometer


Facial recognition, motion detection, temperature, humidity, light, smoke and gas sensors


Dual core 1 GHz processor, 16 GB eMMC, 1 GB DDR3 RAM


Anodized aluminum finish, polycarbonate light diffusing shade, ABS rotating neck, technopolymer sensor ring


Height: 10.1", Head diameter: 4.7", Base diameter: 5.5", Weight: 48 oz

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