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Experience your physical and digital memories together for the first time, in one beautiful album
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Memories InMotion

InMotion Albums Reinvent the Memory Book

There has never been a way to view all your print and digital memories in one place - until now

Photo & Video

InMotion is the world's first memory book that combines real, physical prints and mementos with digital images and videos in a beautiful, tangible book.

Premium Craftsmanship

Every InMotion album is book-bound in lush fabric, with a Belgian inspired aluminum disc spine and soft-cream, double thick, high clarity polypropylene pages.

HD Touchscreen

Using the embedded 5.5" touchscreen visible in the bottom right of the book, you can swipe through the videos and photos you have assigned to each page.

Consumer Electronic Show Honoree

The CES Innovation Awards recognize outstanding product design & engineering.

InMotion Albums won a 2017 CES Innovation award for it's revolutionary technology that lets you see, hear, and feel your favorite memories together, for the first time.

Unique Page Detection Technology

Hardware built into every page of the InMotion Album tells the touchscreen when you turn the page, and the display changes with it. Using our custom software, you can assign batches of images and video to each page. Hear the sounds of a roaring waterfall as you review photos of your tropical honeymoon, and turn the page to watch your child take their first steps while you reminisce over their baby photos.

Custom Software

Our custom software links your album to an intuitive website over your WiFi or Bluetooth. You can drag and drop images and videos to assign them to pages, store your files for free on our web servers, and customize the layout of your InMotion album. When you have the perfect memory book set up, simply sync the album's screen and it will automatically update.

Huge Capacity

16GB of internal memory lets you complement your 10 pages of prints with hours of video and thousands of photos.

HD Display

The 5.5" touch screen display plays slideshows, shuffles a page's files, or lets you swipe through and select images.

Custom Software

Customize your layouts by dragging and dropping, and assign unique titles to your pages, tabs, photos, and videos.

Deluxe Case

Built of premium fabrics and durable materials, the protective case looks great and keeps your InMotion Album safe.

Built to Last

InMotion Albums are built to work flawlessly, time after time. Reuse them, or create one memory that lasts a lifetime.

No Distractions

InMotion lets you share and re-live your favorite memories, free from the distractions of other digital devices.

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