The Ultimate Ergonomic Device Stand

The world’s most versatile and ultraportable stand – for all your devices, anywhere
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What is iMoov?

Use all your devices comfortably - anywhere

iMoov is the only multi-device stand you can use on your lap or any flat surface.


The iMoov's patented design allows comfortable viewing angles at eye level whether on your lap or any flat surface.


iMoov folds up to about the size of an iPad, and is extremely lightweight, perfect for work or entertainment on the go.


The iMoov Astuto stand and Teclado keyboard are perfect for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and even smart TVs.

Banish neck and back pain with iMoov

With iMoov, you'll never crane your neck or hurt your back while working on the go or at home - iMoov ensures ergonomic device use wherever you go.

The Astuto Stand

The secret to the Astuto stand is in its patented folding design - in just seconds, the legs and straps unfold and lock in place, providing a stable, ergonomic workstation wherever you may be. Astuto is made of sturdy, resilient materials, has a no-slip rubber surface, and will support up to 10 pounds.

The Teclado Keyboard

The incredibly slim Teclado Bluetooth keyboard has a three device memory and can be used for 120 hours continuously before it needs a charge. Its feet slot in securely to recessed divots on your Astuto stand, and it is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, and even some smart TVs.

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Rather than propping up your device and sitting in uncomfortable, unhealthy positions for hours, use the iMoov and stay comfortable and productive on the go.


No more bunching up your pillows and trying to get comfortable to watch your shows. Just open up your iMoov, slide on your tablet or laptop, and enjoy!

Living Room

iMoov is perfect for helping the kids share a game on the iPad, getting a little work done with the TV on in the background, or even controlling your smart TV.


iMoov makes a great laptop stand, and can help improve your posture and working habits whether you work from home or in an office environment.

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