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Grow your own food, herbs and flowers with this simple, robotic home gardening system
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A Fully Autonomous Smart Planter

Grow Anything

Growbot is the first smart planter optimized for any kind of growth- vegetables, herbs, flowers!

Automatic Adjustments

Sit back and let your plants flourish with automatic PH, nutrient and water regulation.

App Integration

Feed your plants directly from your phone with push alerts and real time monitoring.

The Helping Hand You Need

For anybody who has ever drowned a plant with too much love.

Growbot uses its proprietary system of intricate sensors and dispensers to constantly monitor the nutrient content and intake of your plants.

Stronger, Healthier Plants, Faster.

Grow plants 2-3 times faster when you pair with Growbot. Due to the more efficient nutrient delivery system, your plants get just what they need.

Optional Manual Mode

Feeling confident? Manual mode allows you to take control of when your plant is fed and add custom growing modes. Learn how to keep your plants at their healthiest.

Water Saving

The water reservoir lets your plant drink what it needs, so you only need to refill every 2-3 weeks.

LCD Display

The discrete screen updates you on current nutrient levels, water levels & temperature in your planter.

Outdoor or Indoor

Grow plants of up to 26" of any variety. Growbot can live inside in your living room, or out on your porch.

Nutrient Cartridges

The internal sensors pull ranges of information to maintain a constant homeostasis.

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