The World's First
4G LTE Personal Tracking Device

Instantly track and locate the people, pets, and things you love with unrivaled range.

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Real Time Tracking within a 3,000 Mile Range

Fynd features the latest in tracking technology so you can worry less, and live more.


Fynd utilizes 4G LTE connectivity so you can see location in real time, anywhere in the USA. Fynd blows away competing devices when it comes to battery life, speed, size, and functionality because of the 4G connection.

Multiple Uses

The Fynd device can be can be used for multiple purposes. Put one device on your dog or cat, one on your kid and one on your backpack. Accessories are available to accommodate any of these uses.

Extended Battery

Fynd's rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 days when continuously connected to LTE network and 60+ days connected to Bluetooth. With the Fynd app, you can monitor battery life to ensure you always have sufficient charge.

Fynd Everything

Fynd’s revolutionary use of technology paired with its compact size make it the most versatile personal tracker on the market. Weighing only .04lbs, Fynd is about the size of a watch face and can be easily attached to collars and bracelets or looped to bags and keyrings with the carabiner attachment.

Tracker with a Brain

Fynd was built using the ultimate in 4G LTE technology. Powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 1100, Fynd gives you the location of your child, pet or valuable item instantaneously. Simply hold the tracking button in-app to to see you item’s precise location, speed, bearing and temperature.

Sprint 4G LTE

Bluetooth trackers tell you where you last had your item, but Fynd tells you where your item is. That’s because Bluetooth trackers only work within a radius of 100 ft while Fynd works nationwide using Sprint’s reliable 4G LTE coverage. With Sprint’s huge 4G LTE footprint and Fynd’s compact size and extended battery life, Fynd will finally deliver on the promise of true real-time tracking.

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Track Activity

Never question if your puppy needs to go for another walk. See your furry friend’s daily activity and compare it against previous activity to see if your pup is getting her daily movement.


Ultrasonic sealing gives Fynd an IP68 rating, making it waterproof and dust tight. It can be submerged up to 4.5 feet for 30 minutes. Don't worry if you dog loves to swim.


Fynd was developed with an active pet in mind. The outer shell is made from light weight, impact and flame resistant, medical grade plastic to ensure a long lifespan so you can have piece of mind.

iOS & Android App

Use the Fynd App to track the device in real time. Users can also see speed, bearing, temperature, and activity of the device. This allows you to follow your runaway dog or see where you misplaced your laptop bag.

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