Pet Toy with Live Video & Treat Dispenser

easyPlay is controlled via a smart phone app with activity alerts, a 720p camera, & two-way speaker.
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Pet Exercise Like Never Before

Play, exercise, and reward your pet with easyPlay's integrated app and treat dispenser.


Whether you are home, at work, or on a trip, you can control easyPlay remotely with your phone, starting and stopping playtime whenever you want.


As your pet rolls the ball, easyPlay dispenses treats as a positive reinforcement for physical activity. The more they play, the more they get rewarded.


easyPlay monitors & reports on your pet's activity via it's app, including information such as total playtime, presented neatly with visuals and charts.

A Healthy Pet Is A Happy Pet

easyPlay is designed to enhance pet health and fitness in a fun and playful way, for both cats & dogs.
With easyPlay, you're never too far from your pet no matter where you are. You can watch a live stream of your dog interacting with the ball or cat playing with the feather attachment, challenge your pet during playtime with higher levels of physical activity, & monitor activity to ensure your pet is active.

Treats Dispenser

easyPlay contains 3 time-activated food pods that dispense bite size treats when your pet pushes the ball around. The treat chambers rotate such that treats can be dispensed at specific times of the day set by you or manually via the app. It's time to put interest in "how" we feed our pets, rather than "what" we feed them. You can set specific times for the treats to be release or manually release treats via the app.

It's More Than A Toy

We know your pet is your best friend and you never want to miss a moment. Give them the comfort & security of your voice when you are not around through live sound and video feeds with easyPlay's two-way speaker and live camera. Talk to your buddy while you're gone so they are never lonely again.

Always be close to your pet

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You have full control with a handy, full-featured smartphone app. Compatible with iOS and Android.


Connect your easyPlay to your home Wi-Fi network & control from anywhere as long you are connected to a wireless network.

Live Camera

Equipped with an onboard 720p camera to view a live stream of your pet playing & to maneuver the ball.

Two-way Speaker

easyPlay is equipped with a microphone & speaker that allow you to hear & talk to your pet through the app.

Snap & Share

Share pictures & videos from the live camera with your friends. Send directly to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

Auto Mode

Short on time? Auto Play Mode will move the ball randomly at predefined times keeping your pet engaged & physically active.

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