Lightweight Thermo Regulating Activewear

Graphene coated sportswear that regulates body temp, provides UV protection, and boosts performance
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Innovation Meets Sportswear

Die-cut and seamless, D-ONE is designed & made in Italy for a functional and high fashion look.

Graphene Plus

D-ONE is the first compression sportswear in the world to combine compress fabric & Graphene Plus to enhance your performance.


Graphene limits bacterial replication thanks to its atomic structure, making D-ONE odor free. Sweat without worry!


Designed with innovative compression fabric, D-ONE acts as a second skin to give you unmatchable comfort during your workout.

Improve Your Performance

D-ONE is here to change the game, in more ways than one. Take your workouts to the next level with the first compression sportswear of its kind.

Wear D-ONE in the weight room for proper support and posture when lifting. Head out for a run in both hot and cold temperatures without worry of your body overheating or straining a muscle. Get your zen on in yoga with D-ONE's breathable and moisture wicking material.

Workout Smart

The thermal properties of Graphene Plus in D-ONE takes heat from the warmer parts of your body to the colder parts during a workout. Reduce the rate of muscle injury & make your workout a smart one, with D-ONE.

Exceed Your Limits

With D-ONE’s thermoregulation you can work out in any climate and maintain body homeostasis. Plus, the reflective graphics help keep you safe when working out at night. Push yourself, any time, any season.

The Ultimate Sportswear Generation

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Thermal properties within Graphene Plus allow for custom regulation of your body's temperature during any workout. No more risk of overheating.

Sun Protection

D-ONE's special fabric filters the sun’s rays and offers your skin protection from ultraviolet rays. Perfect for those sunny day training sessions.

Chemical Free

Other anti-odor products use chemicals, thanks to the natural bacteriostatic properties of graphene plus, D-ONE is chemical free & certified as non-toxic.


The open honeycomb design of D-ONE's smart fabric allows your skin to breathe - making even the most intense workout feel light and cool.

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