Dynamic Bone Conducting Headphones

World's First In/Off ear headphones. Listen to music wherever you are no matter what you are doing.
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The First Unified Off-Ear™ and In-Ear Headphones

Keep CONDUIT Sports on at all times without compromising safety or sound quality.

Off-Ear Listening

CONDUIT Sports uses Off-Ear™ bone conduction technology to send sound waves through the bones to your inner ears. During this mode of listening, the ear canal is left open, allowing you to remain alert while you enjoy your music, play sport, socialize, or commute.

In-Ear Listening

CONDUIT Sports is equipped with world class earphones for the times you want to block out the world. Held in place by magnets and tethered to CONDUIT by durable flat cables, you’ll never have to worry about tangled wires again.


CONDUIT Sports has on-board multi-function and volume controls, so you don’t have to reach for your phone while exercising. Easily pause & move between songs, answer & end calls, alternate between In-Ear & Off-Ear™ modes, and activate Android or Apple voice controls.

There are no limits when it comes to sound

Hear everything around you while still listening to your music. It's that simple.

Perfect For Any Situation

With DualBand™ design, CONDUIT Sports can be worn around the back of your head or over your neck. Hide them under a hoodie or collar during your commute to drown out the noise or show them off to your friends while playing a game of basketball.

You're In Total Control

CONDUIT Sports comes with a pre-packaged multi-band equalizer app, giving you absolute control over how you hear your music in either the Off-Ear™ or In-Ear modes. Customize your music with CONDUIT Sounds™ & make a hassle free call on the way home with voice commands.

Bluetooth 4.2

CONDUIT Sports are wireless and fitted with the latest Bluetooth technology, providing a reliable 10m wireless range at all times. Exceptional sound, all the time!

Titanium Frame

Built with a lightweight & hyper-flexible titanium frame allows you to twist & bend without worrying. Fold them up for easy storage and go about your day.

Sweat Resistant

CONDUIT Sports are IP55 certified, making them dust, rain and sweat resistant, CONDUIT will always be working, even in the most extreme situations.

Bassteck™ Earphones

CONDUIT Sports are built with on-board world class earphones, equalized & powered by 7.8mm dynamic drivers with a frequency range of 10Hz to 22kHz.

Noise Canceling Microphones

Fitted with dual noise canceling microphones to drown out exterior noise on calls or when you use voice commands. You're always heard!

Off-ear™ Transducers

Our Off-Ear™ transducers provide premium sound without blocking or covering the ear canal, ensuring you remain alert to your surroundings.

Backed by Elite Olympic Athletes

Fernanda Mackenna, Aries Merritt, & Queen Harrison love CONDUIT Sports. We think you will too.

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