Wearable for Stress Relief & Brain Training

BRAINNO is the most advanced way towards optimal brain health & fitness.
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Your Health at the Forefront of Your Life

The most convenient way of leading a healthy lifestyle

Real-time Monitoring

BRAINNO monitors your health to keep you aware of how your body reacts to situations and environments as you carry on throughout your day.


BRAINNO Coach software analyzes your bio-signal data to provide recommended in-app activities to help you reduce stress, re-focus, and achieve peace-of-mind.

Brain Controlled Gaming

Use the power of your mind to control and play a variety of brain training games to exercise your concentration daily and increase overall brain health.

Vitality & Peace-Of-Mind

BRAINNO'S proprietary algorithm analyzes electroencephalogram (EEG) brain signals in conjunction with years of collected data to provide brain training games & content for managing stress and achieving peace-of-mind in your life.



BRAINNO Coach is an iOS and Android app that uses theory related to color, imagery, and music to help you relax. BRAINNO Coach collects your brainwave and heart rate data in a secure database so that your total condition can be analyzed as you go throughout your day.


Increased Accuracy

With over 9 years of experience developing brainwave technology devices, BRAINNO compares your brainwave and heart rate data and analyzes it against our extensive database of over 10,000 people to give you accurate measurements and actionable health advice.

3 Sensors

BRAINNO uses 3 sensors that connect to the back of your ear to measure brainwaves and an additional ear sensor that measures heart rate simultaneously.


BRAINNO Coach is the brain behind BRAINNO that processes brainwave and heart rate data in real-time while providing personalized activity recommendations.

Customized lifestyle

BRAINNO Coach software is customizable to fit the lifestyles of business professionals, athletes, students, and many more.


BRAINNO Coach is equipped with a personalized meditation mode designed to decrease stress and increase your concentration levels.

Brain Training Games

With BRAINNO channel your power of concentration to control a variety of brain fitness games such as our most popular game, Kung Fu Panda.

Compact Comfort

Weighing only 30g, BRAINNO was strategicaly designed to comfortably fit a variety of ear shapes, making it easy to incorporate into your daily life.

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