Voice-Controlled & A.I. Enhanced Smart Alarm Clock

Bonjour is like an assistant. She learns about you & your agenda to make the most of your day.
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Friendly. Helpful. Smart.

Like an assistant, BONJOUR learns about your agenda and environment to make the most of your day.

Voice Controlled

BONJOUR's dual 360° microphones with beam-forming technology, noise cancellation, & advanced voice recognition software lets you talk naturally to BONJOUR from anywhere in the room with unmatched accuracy. Additionally, the more you speak to her, the more she learns.

Human-Like Conversations

We’ve developed hundreds of scenarios so BONJOUR talks to you as a friend would. BONJOUR is the first product to embed cutting-edge Concept to Speech technology amounting in the best ultra-natural voice ever achieved by any electronic device.

Simply Ask

You can ask BONJOUR to check the weather, news, or even how many steps you've taken in a day! There's no need to open an app on your smart device or browse the internet, simply ask. BONJOUR acts as a personal assistant and makes your life easier.

Waking up never felt so good

BONJOUR's artificial intelligence algorithms proactively ease your morning routine making the beginning of your day effortless.

Smart + Customized Wake Up Time

BONJOUR can adjust your wake-up time if certain conditions are fulfilled. Let’s say you have a meeting and must not be late: BONJOUR will check traffic reports and may wake you up earlier than scheduled if there is a major traffic jam. Or, say you'd like to start your Sunday with a 6 AM run: BONJOUR will check the weather to let you sleep if there's any rain or storms.

Smart Home Integration

With BONJOUR you can control other smart-home devices. From turning on your bedroom lights to adjusting the temperature in your home, BONJOUR is the simplest way to add voice-control to favorite smart home devices such as WeMo, Philips Hue, and Nest.

USB Charging Port

BONJOUR's design includes a ultra-convenient USB outlet, allowing you to easily charge your devices from your smart alarm clock.

Learn & Improve

BONJOUR’s brain is built in the cloud, so she will get smarter every day by learning your preferences, gaining new skills, & learning new requests from BONJOUR users.

Video Messaging

Our secure channel allows selected users to drop you a message remotely & decide when you should receive it. Wake up or fall asleep to a message from your loved ones.

Spotify Friendly

Rise to your favorite song from Spotify or web radio stations. With two speakers and a bass radiator, BONJOUR fills the room with immersive sound.

Activities Planner

BONJOUR can check local weather, surf forecasts, & wind presence to help plan your activities. It also connect with your FITBIT!

Alexa Compatible

BONJOUR helps you benefit from everything Amazon’s ALEXA has to offer. Place your order with ALEXA via BONJOUR without even getting off your bed.


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