The First Complete Saltwater Aquarium

An easy to set up, complete saltwater aquarium including sustainably bred fish and corals.
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A Sustainable Aquarium Solution

By taking nothing from our oceans we've created the most sustainable & humane aquarium on the planet

Sustainable Fish + Corals

All of Biota's fish, live rock, & corals are all captive bred in a sustainable manner. This means we can ensure our backers that nothing is taken from the ocean.


Instead of buying your tank, fish, & accessories separately, Biota provides an all-in-one solution that makes owning an aquarium simple for you & safe for marine life.

Backed By Marine Experts

Your purchase is backed by the Biota team and two marine experts: a marine biologist and microbiologist with many years of experience in marine trade, conservation, & aquaculture.

People Protect What They Love

Our goal is to help re-connect people with nature through marine life education, inspiring them to look after our planet.

Connect With Nature

You can use the aquarium to teach your friends, loved ones, and even yourself about the wonders of the marine environment. Biota Aquariums is an environmentally responsible company that offers only sustainably bred fish and takes nothing from the ocean, teaching humanity to respect the ocean and inspiring them to learn about ocean conservation.

Sustainably Bred Fish

By sourcing fish raised in captivity we are able to ensure healthy, happy, disease-free fish for your Biota Aquarium. To do this sustainably and humanely, Biota has its own beautiful marine life nursery on the Pacific island of Palau, one of the world’s largest marine reserves. Biota's Rainford’s Goby comes from this nursery! The clownfish are sourced from a local facility and are conditioned at Biota's Marine Life Center in Florida along with the live rock and corals.

The Biota Promise

We promise that for every fish bought another fish will be released into the protected waters of Palau. Donations will also go to ocean conversation via the 1% for the Planet™.

4-Step Set Up

Set up your Biota Aquarium in 4 simple steps with our team on call every step of the way! We're here to support an easy set up of a successful, healthy aquarium.

Compact Design

With its small size Biota fits almost anywhere. Unlike a basic, plastic aquarium, Biota's clear glass is very durable and has a unique, modern floating base design.


The touch feature LED light has been engineered to promote coral growth while creating a glowing effect highlighting the beautiful colors of the fish and corals.


With an all-in-one package, Biota makes it easy for beginners to be successful. Every piece of the Biota has been carefully chosen to ensure a healthy ecosystem.


Biota was founded to help inspire the next generation of marine enthusiasts. By keeping a saltwater aquarium, one can truly connect with marine life.

Living Art

Biota is a unique, stylish, and modern addition to your home. It's compact enough to sit on most countertops or desks & is easy care for.


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