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Plexo - Minimalist MacBook Case

Plexo protects your MacBook or iPad from dirt, dust and dings in this sleek and easy-to-use case.

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LuDela - A Safer, Smarter Candle

LuDela is the first remote-controlled real flame candle with timers, safety features, scent-on-demand and a social mission.

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Pasadena 94' — Soccer Inspired Watch

The Pasadena 94' celebrates the love of a sport with quality materials, color and giving back to others.

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SX3|02 — The Solar Tent System

A 3-season, 2-person solar tent system with innovative technology and high-quality design for an incredible backpacking or camping experience.

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Y-Brush — Auto-Cleaning Electric Toothbrush

Automatically deep clean your teeth and under the gum line in just 10 seconds, the way dentists recommend.

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Flash Metro - The Ultimate Customizable E-Bike

Flash Metro offers 250W, 350W and 650W options with 48V removable battery for speeds up to 28mph.

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