Virtual Musical Instruments

Airbeats music device is the most compact all-in-one wireless musical instrument.

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The Most Compact Wireless Musical Instrument.

Toss the Airbeats in your bag, play any instrument, and share with your friends or family.

Virtual Instruments

Each controller has five haptic buttons, one for each of your fingers, that use your hand gestures and movements to create notes and chords of your selected instrument. Airbeats come preloaded with drums, guitar, and violin, with an ever expanding open source library.

App Integration

Available for both iOS and Android, Airbeats app allows you to download, compose, share, live stream, and take lessons. Interact solo or with other users. Our app is open source to encourage community and new content creation from developers around the world.

Portable Design

Designed to be portable, a pair of Airbeats controllers are lightweight and will easily fit into any pocket. The controllers connect wirelessly via Bluetooth to the application allowing you to play music from anywhere, at any time. No longer are you limited to creating in the studio.

Wirelessly Connect for Music in Motion

With Bluetooth connection to your smartphone or tablet, Airbeats revolutionizes the way we listen, enjoy, and compose music from anywhere.

Learn the basics of playing an instrument if you're a beginner, compose your own music on the go, or play for fun with your friends or other music enthusiasts through our online open source community.

Jam With Friends or On Your Own, Anywhere, at Anytime.

Airbeats come with solo-play and co-play settings. For simpler engagement with music use solo-play. To play, simply select an instrument, match the notes and gestures that show up on-screen to the buttons on the controllers and the movements of your hands.

To create with your band or friends, use co-play mode. Choose the person you want to create with from the Airbeats App Community page, request a joint session, and jam together.

Take Lessons or Compose Music. Airbeats is Easy to Use For All Levels & Ages.

Using Airbeats is the easiest way to compose your own music through the song composer on the Airbeats application. Add and mix different tracks, even record vocals using your phone’s microphone, and share it with your Airbeats community.

Not a musician? No problem! Choose from a number of lessons within the app or follow along with our step by step music pairing guide for a seamless musical experience.

MIDI Integration

MIDI integration allows you to connect with the vast majority of third party music studio applications, like Garageband.


Airbeats controllers are IP67 certified splash, water, and shock resistant. Perfect for a sweaty jam sesh or a light drop.

Share & Livestream

You can live stream your performance on the Airbeats community platform or on your Youtube and Facebook.

Battery Life

Rechargeable in 90 minutes, usage time is 35 to 40 hours. 15 minutes of charge will get you 2-3 hours of uninterrupted play.

Motion Sensors

Airbeats controllers use an accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, and compass to detect user's gestures.

Haptic Buttons

With 5 haptic buttons that match your fingers, you can map notes and chords as if you are playing any instrument.

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